PanTher Therapeutics Secures Patent for Anticancer Drug-Eluting Stent

– Patent Validates Novelty and Breadth of Proprietary Sagittari™ Treatment Platform and Expands Potential for Use in Multiple Tumor Sites –

– Dan Wildman, Veteran MedTech Industry Executive, Joins PanTher as Strategic Advisor –

PanTher Therapeutics (PanTher), a clinical-stage oncology company developing next-generation targeted therapies for solid tumors, today announced that a methods-of-use patent for a deployable anticancer drug-eluting stent, exclusively licensed to PanTher, has been issued by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). The patent increases the potential applicability of PanTher’s proprietary Sagittari™ treatment platform, which focuses on direct, localized, and sustained delivery of proven and novel therapeutic agents to attack cancer at the source.

“I am excited to join PanTher at such a pivotal moment in the company’s trajectory, with its first asset in the clinic and a newly issued patent that positions the company very competitively in a crowded space”

The newly awarded patent covers methods of treating a tumor using a drug-eluting stent that incorporates a degradable polymer film containing a chemotherapeutic drug. The drug is released from the film when the stent is deployed into a biliary or pancreatic duct or tissue site of the pancreas, biliary system, gallbladder, liver, small bowel, or colon.

“The patent validates the novelty and breadth of the Sagittari™ platform and increases our potential market, while enhancing the value of our intellectual property portfolio,” said Laura Indolfi, PhD, chief executive officer of PanTher Therapeutics. “It also supports our investigational strategy of applying our technology to multiple solid tumor types, which facilitates the selection of our follow-on assets.”

The Sagittari™️ platform is an optimized system for precisely transporting therapeutics to the tumor site, leveraging interventional oncology to design superior localized cancer treatments. PanTher’s lead candidate, PTM-101, the first product to emerge from the Sagittari™ platform, is currently in Phase 1 of clinical development for the treatment of localized non-metastatic pancreatic cancers.

PanTher also announced the appointment of Dan Wildman as a strategic advisor to the company. A seasoned executive with more than 35 years of experience in the MedTech industry, Mr. Wildman is president and chief executive officer of the strategic consulting company Wildman Ventures, LLC. He previously led the Digital Surgery Strategy initiative at Johnson & Johnson and served as worldwide president of Depuy Synthes Spine and Ethicon Biosurgery. While at Ethicon Biosurgery, Mr. Wildman led the development and commercialization of a novel combination product based on a biomaterial and biologic formulation. As strategic advisor to PanTher, Mr. Wildman will apply this expertise and his decades of experience to advancing the clinical development program for PTM-101 and selecting and prioritizing other Sagittari™ platform product candidates.

“I am excited to join PanTher at such a pivotal moment in the company’s trajectory, with its first asset in the clinic and a newly issued patent that positions the company very competitively in a crowded space,” commented Mr. Wildman. “I look forward to contributing to the growth and expansion of the company and helping realize the tremendous market potential of its pipeline.”

About PanTher Therapeutics
PanTher Therapeutics (PanTher) is a clinical-stage oncology company revolutionizing cancer care by harnessing sustained treatments engineered for localized applications. PanTher is bringing the fight against cancer precisely to the target with its proprietary Sagittari™ treatment platform, which is designed to enhance therapeutic response while minimizing side effects. With foundational technology invented at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and subsequently in-licensed by PanTher, Sagittari™ empowers oncologists to treat patients with life-threatening cancer by unlocking a drug’s full potential through direct, sustained treatment at the tumor site. This unique targeting capability positions PanTher to take on the deadliest and most acute cancers. PanTher’s lead clinical candidate, PTM-101, is currently being evaluated in a Phase 1 clinical trial as first-line therapy for localized non-metastatic pancreatic cancers. PanTher is expanding its platform technology to treat additional solid tumor indications. For more information, visit


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